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A 10x23' series directed by Simon Bouisson, written by Simon Bouisson & Jean-Charles Paugam


As soon as he enters a top engineering school, Lucas aka Lux, an exceptionally gifted 18 year old geek, is horribly humiliated by the most popular students. He decides to take revenge with the help of his greatest weapon: his gift for cyberstalking. He hacks the cell phones and computers of others, including Alma, the girl he has fallen for. He discovers all their secrets and befriends the band in order to better manipulate them. Lux quickly turns himself into the person he always wanted to be… but then falls into his own trap!




France Télévisions, Pictanovo, CNC


Recipient of the France Télévisions/SACD Digital series Fund 2017

Technical film summary

Directed by : Simon Bouisson
Written by : Simon Bouisson, Jean-Charles Paugam
Created by : Simon Bouisson, Victor Rodenbach and Jean-Charles Paugam
Genre : Drama
Format : 10x23' series
Production : Silex Films
Producers : Priscilla Bertin - Judith Nora
Broadcaster : France Télévisions
International sales : France Télévisions Distribution