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Solange and the living

A film by Ina Mihalache


Solange is a young solitary Parisian who earns a living transcribing audio conferences. Prone to fainting fits, she is taken care of by many neighbours, friends and relatives. A human chain is put into place to prevent Solange from being left alone : her landlord, a young neighbor with her newborn, a journalist, her former boyfriend, etc.

Theatrical release

March 9, 2016 in France // November 4, 2016 in Québec

Technical film summary

French title : Solange et les vivants
Directed by : Ina Mihalache
Written by : Ina Mihalache
Genre : Comedy
Format : Feature film
Duration : 67'
Year of production : 2014
Producers : SILEX FILMS / Priscilla Bertin - Elisa Larriere - Judith Nora
Co-producers : Uproduction, Firm Studio, Obsidienne Studio (Benjamin Delaux, Cécile Duffau, Julien Amiard, Manuel Beard, Rémi Durel, Julie Tribout, Rémi Barbot)
Image : Nils Ruinet
Assistant directors : Jeanne Delacroix & Guillaume Fabre-Luce
Sound engineers : Jean-Christophe Lion & Victor Loeillet
Editing : Olivier Brunet
Sound editing : Julie Tribout, Rémi Durel & Rémi Barbot
Mix : Julie Tribout
Color Grading : Aude Courbier
Music composed by : Tahiti Boy

French distributor : Wide
Canadian distributor : K-Films Amérique
VOD release : 12/07/2016 (Universciné)
DVD release : 17/10/2017 (Blaq out)


SOLANGE : Ina Mihalache

Festival selections

Canada International Film Festival 2015
Festival du nouveau cinéma 2016, official selection (Canada)