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Summer in the Hood

An animated feature directed by Jean-Pascal Zadi & Louis Clichy, written by Jean-Pascal Zadi and Jean Regnaud with the collaboration of Louis Clichy


Kali, 13, leaves his home in Normandy for the first time to spend summer vacation in a housing project outside Paris. In Bondy, “la cité,” he’s a fish out of water: new slang, new music, new styles, new attitude. He’ll have to make a place for himself in this urban jungle, armed only with his sense of humor.

Technical film summary

Directed by: Jean-Pascal Zadi & Louis Clichy
Written by: Jean-Pascal Zadi & Jean Régnaud with the collaboration of Louis Clichy
Graphic artist: Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo
Genre: Comedy
Format: 3D animated feature
Producers: SILEX FILMS - Priscilla Bertin & Judith Nora
DOUZE DOIGTS PRODUCTIONS - Jean-Pascal Zadi & Camille Moulonguet

Festival selections

Selected at Cartoon Movie 2024 (in development)

Press review

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