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Last Winter

A film by John Shank


Somewhere on isolated mountainous plains. Johann has taken over his father’s farm, devoting all his time and energy to his work. Surrounded by a struggling community and a natural landscape that has taught him all he knows, his heritage is his entire life. As autumn goes and winter comes, a barn burns to the ground and jeopardizes the fragile balance of the farm’s survival. The story of a man trying to love the world he belongs to one last time, as hard as he can, before it sinks into darkness.

Theatrical release

France : February 29, 2013


Cannes Cinéfondation's Résidence, Cinémart, Centre image réécriture. Prix Beaumarchais. CNC, CFB, OFC, Vlaams, Eurimages, Région Midi-Pyrénées, Ciné+, RTBF, Tax Shelter Cinéart


Magritte 2013 for Best Photography

Technical film summary

French Title : L'hiver dernier
Writer : John Shank with the collaboration of Vincent Poymiro
Genre : Drama
Format : Feature film - 35mm - Scope
Year of production : 2012
Producer : Silex films (France), Tarantula (Belgium)
Co-producer : Pct cinema television (Switzerland), Limited Adventures (Flanders), Solaire Production (France)
Theatrical release & International sales : Le Pacte
Produced by Priscilla Bertin - Elisa Larriere - Judith Nora
Co-producers : Joseph Rouschop - Pierre André Thiébaud
Cinematography : Hichame Alaouie & Antoine Parouty
First AD : Nicolas Guilleminot
Audio engineer : Christophe Giovannoni
Editing : Yannick Leroy
Sound editing : Etienne Churchod
Mix : Emmanuel de Boissieu
Color grading : Veerle Zeelmaekers
Music : DAAU Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung



Festival selections

Venice International Film Festival - Mostra (Venice Days), 2011, Italy
Toronto International Film Festival (Contemporary world Cinema), 2011, Canada
Sevilla Film Festival 2011, Spain
London International Film Festival 2011, UK
Gand Film Festival 2011, Belgium
Stuttgart Turbigen Film Festival 2011, Germany
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2012, Greece
Kosmorama Film Festival 2012, Norway
Palm Springs Film Festival 2012, USA
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2012, Netherlands
San Francisco Film Festival 2012, USA
Era New Horizons 2012, Poland
Haifa Film Festival 2012, Israel

Press review

« In U.S.-born helmer John Shank’s stunningly shot, languidly paced French-lingo debut, “Last Winter.” Assembled with impressive confidence and featuring quietly powerful perf, the arthouse crowd will find much to praise in this heartfelt ode to a rural way of life fast becoming obsolète. Shank proves he’s a name to Watch » (VARIETY) « impressively-made pastoral drama… beautifully made film that dwells elegantly on the rhythms of farm life and highlights the joys and practicalities of the contemporary rural world » (SCREENDAILY)