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For a moment

A film by Clémence Poésy


Observing in close ups the students at the ballet school of the Opera de Paris, training tirelessly to build their future as dancers, Clémence Poésy offers an original outlook that leaves out of frame the bodies these girls and boys tame everyday. Capturing the intimacy of their faces, she explores the mystery of their hard earned quest toward grace.


3ème Scène, Opéra national de Paris / VOSGES TV December 17-18, 2016


Opéra national de Paris


Best Choreography at Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2016 (Romania)
Best Documentary at Fiver International Screendance Movement 2017 (Spain)
Menciones competencia at Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Best International Short Dance Documentary at Choreoscope, International Dance Film Festival Barcelona 2017 (Spain)

Technical film summary

Director and writer : Clémence Poésy
Genre : Documentary
Length : 9'16
Location : Ballet school of the Opéra national de Paris
Production : SILEX FILMS / Priscilla Bertin - Elisa Larriere - Judith Nora
Co-production : Opéra national de Paris
Year of production : 2016
Photography : Joe Russell
Original music : Joakim
Accompaniment and piano improvisation : Claire Djourado
Sound and sound mix : David Amsalem
Additional shots : Julie Conte
Editing : Raphaëlle Martin-Hölger
Color grading : Yann Masson


Students of the ballet school of the Opéra national de Paris

Festival selections

Festivals 2017 (France) :

16th Rencontres du cinéma européen de Vannes, Cinécran (First Documentary Films competition)
Festival de la Petite école du film court de Nancy (official competition)
FIDMarseille (Ecrans parallèles)
Nancy IFF (official competition)
17th Escales Documentaires - Festival International du Documentaire de Création at La Rochelle (out of competition)
13th edition, Paris Courts Devant, International Short Film Festival (official competition, Films de musique)

Festivals 2017 (international) :

7th Athens Video Dance Project (out of competition) - Greece
Festival Internazional di Videodanza Il coreografo elettronico (official competition) - Italy
Mecal Pro, Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival (official competition, Documentary) - Spain
Agite y Sirva, Festival Itinerante de Videodanza (official competition) - Mexico
Choreoscope, International Dance Film Festival Barcelona (official competition, documentary) - Spain
GoDebut European Film Festival (official competition) - Lithuania
Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Buenos Aires (official competition) - Argentina
Aesthetica Short Film Festival: ASFF (official competition) - UK
interfilm Berlin, International Short Film Festival (official competition) - Germany
KUKI 10th International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin (official competition) - Germany
OFF CINEMA (official competition) - Poland
InShadow, Lisbon Screendance Festival (Video Dance International Competition) - Portugal
Mostra Internacional de Videodança de São Carlos, São Carlos Videodance Festival (official competition) - Brazil

Festivals 2018 :

"Un poing c'est court", Vaulx-en-Velin Short Film Festival - France
Cinedans, Dance on Screen Festival (official competition) - Netherlands
19th Aubagne International Film Festival (official competition) - France

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