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C.H.Z (Continuously Habitable Zones)

A film by Philippe Parreno


“There are no ‘cuts’ in the film but only stretching and folding of the landscape. Because of the camera’s presence, because of the possibility of fiction, the land becomes the film.”


Fondation Beyeler, Riehen Basel 2012, Galerie Esther Schipper 2012

Technical film summary

French title : C.H.Z (Continuously Habitable Zones)
Genre : Art film
Format : Short film – HD – 14’
Year of production : 2011
Production : Silex Films (France) – Studio Philippe Parreno
Produced by : Priscilla Bertin - Elisa Larriere - Judith Nora
Cinematography : Darius Khondji
Landscape design : Bas Smets
Set design : Jean-Vincent Puzos
Sound : Nicolas Becker - Djengo
Editing Hervé Schneid
Sound editing : Nicolas Becker
Mix : Cyril Holz
Color grading : Didier Lefouest
Sound design : Nicolas Becker