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Mare the mermaid

A 10x26' animated series created and written by Iris de Jessey & Thomas Colineau


Not easy to free oneself from the dictates of society. Especially when you're the mermaid princess. Especially when in addition, we are far from the canons of sirenity. Even more when your mother the Queen puts your family in the spotlight on a reality show. "Iren the Siren" is the story of Princess Pélagie, who, after yet another humiliation in front of the cameras, flees the castle and enrolls in college under a false identity to escape the eye of the media and his mother. Thinking that anonymity will protect her from the judgment of others, she will find that she has no choice but to accept who she is.


In development with: France Télévisions
Partners: Procirep-Angoa, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Département de la Charente, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Département de la Drôme & Valence Romans Agglo, Cinecap 4 Développement, Cofinova Développement 21

Technical film summary

Created and written by: Iris de Jessey & Thomas Colineau
Graphic design: Ana Tortos
Target audience: Adult, Young Adult
Genre: Comedy
Format: 2D animation 10x26mins TV show
Original French title: S·Irène·S
Producer: SILEX FILMS - Priscilla Bertin & Judith Nora

Festival selections

Selected at Cartoon Forum 2023