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A shortcom by Eloïse Lang and Noémie Saglio


Humoristic hidden camera, provocative and slightly offset, which follows the daily hardships of Camille who is in her thirties and as inedible as hilarious…... A heroine who evolves without hesitation or shame. Her disarming nature let her say things others don't dare to ... even if no one asked her to. She is tiresome, outrageous, irritating, annoying, disconcerting... well, a bitch !


CANAL+ (Le Grand Journal) 2013/2014

Technical film summary

Genre : Shortcom
Format (Seasons 1 & 2) : 70 x 1,40’
Year of production : 2013
Executive producer : SILEX FILMS (France)
Broadcaster : CANAL PLUS / Le Grand Journal
Produced by : Priscilla Bertin - Elisa Larriere - Judith Nora
Directors : Eloïse Lang and Noémie Saglio
Original music : Fred Avril
Musical supervisor : Pierre-Marie Dru
℗ et © 2013 Pigalle Production (Music Dolls Editions)


Camille Cottin