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De Fursac

A series by Sébastien Haddouk


At their first meeting in 2009, Nino Cerruti and Edmond Cohen, owner of De Fursac, decided on a union that has led to the creation of exclusive fabrics of rare and exceptional quality. Welcome in Biella.

Technical film summary

Genre : Documentary series
Format : Short movie - HD-7 x 1’30
Year of production : 2012
Production : Silex Films (France)
Broadcasting : November 2012

Produced by : Priscilla Bertin - Elisa Larriere - Judith Nora
Production manager : Monica Mele
Cinematography : Boris Munger
Audio engineer : Jean-Christophe Lion
Costume : Julien Gallico
Editing : Ane-Laure Viaud
Editing assistant : Juliette Penant
Sound design : Simon Says