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The Adventurers of Art: Romanticism

A series directed by Amélie Harrault, written by Valérie Loiseleux


Portraying the 19th century (1830-1871) Parisian Art and literary scene through the intimate lives of the most respected musicians, writers, painters of the time; artists who broke new grounds in the history of art and ideas.
Their names are: Victor Hugo, George Sand, Nadar, FrédéricChopin, Eugène Delacroix, Gustave Courbet, Charles Baudelaire, Honoré de Balzac, Marie d'Agoult, Alexandre Dumas.
Their intertwined destinies are incredibly romantic, and their timeless world visions are still relevant today.

By the author, the director and the producers of the international success 'The Adventurers of Modern Art' sold in more than 30 countries.




(Français) Arte France

Technical film summary

Written by : Valérie Loiseleux
Directed by : Amélie Harrault
Animation : Amélie Harrault
Genre : Série

Format : 4 x 52’
Techniques : 100% animation
Production : SILEX FILMS
Producers : Priscilla Bertin, Judith Nora
Line producer : Philippine Gelberger
Line production : Silex Animation
Co-production : ARTE France – Unité Arts et spectacles

Festival selections

Cartoon Forum 2017
Presentation at Sunny Side of the Doc - June 2017
Presentation at FIFA (Festival international du film sur l'art à Montréal, Canada) - March 2017
Pitch at Sunny Side of the Doc - June 2018